There's Still a Kitchen in My Wallet

by Kitchen Wallet

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released August 15, 2010

Andrew Jinkins - Keyboards & Vocals
Kyle Haish - Drums & Spoken Words



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Track Name: If Your House Was an Island This Would Be the Ocean
Idle hands fidgeting "Other people's presentations truly make me sick."
Stomach goes churning and that vomit spit's surfacing "Isn't there somewhere better you can be?" "Not frustration but fate, don't you dare try relate. We've all graduated past grade school have we not?"
"I'll take my paper-cut convos, no time for new friend inaugurals. So just leave me alone, why won't you leave me alone?"
Track Name: So You're Saying
So you're saying, "we've already made these passes."
Foliage reflection your iris jisms tears like hot molasses
Track Name: I've Always Remembered Forgetting
Drop in, change state high proof hands denote that certain set of feelings
Don't be fooled by their plight those pretentious smiles bite through the night

Mind thoughts scattered, for what it's worth
I just wanted another chance to cleanse the fog

Miss Crocodile, with her running shoes tight, takes a puff of her cigarette and dashes to flight,
"Other people seem strange. Are my feelings deranged? And why do the cameras in the shadows keep my posture up right?"
Time well spent? Yea. Spirit being bent? Hah, the streets run rampant while these walls are obsessive.
Nature's gaze wanders while night diction never stands, says the man on the corner who's embracing her plans.
Track Name: Finally Exposed into the Morning Light
The conundrum of broke empties
a lighter assimilated into the creek
downstream submarine little ducklings twice gleam
finally exposed into the morning light
Track Name: Beast Falls through the Floor
Beast prepares for the most un-holiest of nights
But what can you expect if you want to have a few good times?
Deceit hits the conference preaches "We love low breeding."
But tonight beast wants to have just a little bit of fun.

"Who's the next to die? While I hope it's not me,
I feel like I'm still so alive."
Deceit spit spats on the TV
Ensures my life still has meaning.

All of these things so miraculously and beast doesn't have a clue
So beast holds tight clenches his bottle, his pipe, and stares down the moon
Expectations and fears have wrapped their legs around beast like a fifty dollar bill
So he stands fully bloated with his skin falling off staring at his withered door waiting for that knock knock knock